Executive Board


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Samantha Schiereck

Hi, my name is Samantha Schiereck and I will be a Junior here at UW-Madison majoring in evolutionary biology with the intention to continue to grad school for Marine Biology. I have been scuba diving for 4 years and this will be my third year as a member of scuba club. I have logged nearly 50 dives including ocean dives in Cozumel, Cancun, Hawaii, and Bonaire and am planning on getting my divemaster this summer.

Contact Samantha at scuba@hoofers.org!



Dan Haryanto

I'm a Mechanical Engineer, currently finishing my master degree in Marine Conservation at University of Miami. Got open water certified in Michigan in 2014 and currently working on my NAUI Instructor Cert. Also an authorized AAUS Scientific Diver with 50+ scientific dives in Florida Keys and Bonaire. Not particular about dive sites, from zebra mussel and sculpin in Lake Mendota, shipwrecks in Lake Michigan, to coral reef in Bonaire, I like them all!

Contact Dan at divemaster@hooferscuba.org!

VP Local Trips

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Jonah Rueb

I first learned how to dive last spring through Hoofers Scuba club. Since then, I have dived in Hawaii and lakes around the Madison area. My favorite lakes to dive are Devils lake and Pearl lake. I am a Sophomore studying computer science. I am involved in the Sailing and the Ski & Snowboard clubs in Hoofers along with Scuba. For my position, I am in charge of all of the club’s dives around Madison.

Contact Jonah at vplocaltrips@hooferscuba.org!

Social Chair / Treasurer

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Vanessa Durant

I'm the Social Chair and Treasurer of Hoofers Scuba Club. I earned my Open Water certification with Hoofers Scuba in 2015 and have served on the executive board for 3 years. I enjoys diving in Lake Wazee, Pearl Lake, and Mermet Springs in Illinois.

As the Social Chair, I plan non-diving activities open to all club members, such as board game night, bonfires, and trivia night.

Contact Vanessa at social@hooferscuba.org or treasurer@hooferscuba.org!

VP Education

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Adeline Zamora

Hi! My name is Adeline and I'm the VP of Education for Hoofer Scuba! I'm studying International Studies and getting certificates in environmental studies and African studies. I've been diving since I was 12 and have been diving all over the world, from the Mediterranean Sea to ponds in Michigan. Let me know if you have any questions about classes or would like Hoofers to offer any specific classes!

Contact Adeline at vpeducation@hooferscuba.org!

VP Remote Trips

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Alex Mathers

My name is Alex Mathers and I am currently a senior pursuing the majors of Zoology, Conservation Biology, and Environmental Studies with a certificate in Leadership. I've had an interest in diving since I was in high school, where my AP Chemistry teacher would take my fellow classmates and I on pool dives. I finally decide to get certified last summer while studying Marine Biology Research through a program based in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Ever since then I have become more and more interested in aquatic ecosystems, with coral reef restoration a favorite topic of mine. This is what inspired me to help plan out a trip to Florida to partake in this coral reef conservation efforts.

Contact Alex at vpremotetrips@hooferscuba.org!

Gear Manager


Our executive position for gear manager is currently vacant! If you or a friend are interested in applying, please contact scuba@hoofers.org for more information. The position would entail making sure that our gear is organized and up to date on all safety inspections.

This position may include compensation, and all executive board positions include reduced membership and rental costs.


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Dane Mckittrick

I'm currently a senior majoring in Conservation Biology. I got certified in Grand Cayman back in high school, but got back into diving over the summer when I got research dive with the Center for Limnology. One of my life long goals is to dive in Indonesia and I think it would be incredible to do diving research for a living, either on coral reefs or in the Great Lakes.

Contact Dane at secretary@hooferscuba.org!


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Ella Norris

Ella enjoys strange music and pretending that she is an old Willy St. hippie.

Contact Ella by yelling "What am I going to do with all this hummus?", or by emailing her at marketing@hooferscuba.org!


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Tommy Shannon

I'm Tommy! I research lakes, invasive species, and algae at UW Madison. I got scuba certified in 2017 so that I could see the underwater world with my own eyes. I enjoy making up biographies for scuba members who don't send me their information.

Contact Tommy at webmaster@hooferscuba.org!