Executive Board


David Sokol

David Sokol

Hi everyone! I'm a senior. I'm am advanced open water certified and looking forward to getting my rescue diver and have been diving in Wisconsin, Australia, and Florida. The coolest thing I've ever seen while diving was a hammerhead shark. This is my second year in Hoofer SCUBA and first year as President.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about our club or about diving! Hope to see you in the water soon!

Contact Grace at scuba@hoofers.org!



Nicolas Franchini

Hey, my name is Nic and I am a junior majoring in conservation biology. My absolute favorite marine animal is a cleaner shrimp just like Jacques in Nemo. I was born and raised in New York but found my love for diving in the Cayman Islands before moving out to the midwest. Since then I have attained a total of eight various certifications all around the world and hope to get some more beginning my cold water diving adventures here in Madison!

Contact Nic at franchini@wisc.edu

VP Local Trips

Alex Richardson 2

Alex Richardson

Hello! My name is Alex and I am a sophomore studying biochemistry. I have been diving since before I could drive, and love seeing new places both above and underwater.

Contact Alex at abrichardson@wisc.edu


Abby Rotta

Abby Rotta

Hi! My name is Abby, and I am a junior majoring in actuarial science and finance with a certificate in international business. I have been diving for as long as I can remember and have been to many interesting places. This is my third year in the club and third year as treasurer. I am looking forward to going on more fun dives this year!

Contact Abby at treasurer@hooferscuba.org!

VP Education

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Ella Miller

Hey everyone! My name is Ella, and I am a junior majoring in genetics and genomics with life science communication and data science certificates. I have been diving since I was 10 years old and have been on numerous diving trips around the world with my family! Two of my favorite animals to see while diving are sharks and sea turtles! This is my first year with Hoofer Scuba and my first year as VP of Education.

Contact Ella at egmiller@wisc.edu!

VP Marketing

Theo Kotchen

Theo Kotchen

Hello! My name is Theo Kotchen and I'm studying finance and Spanish here at UW. When I'm not busy with school, I enjoy traveling, sports, movies, and chillen with friends. I started scuba diving about 4 years ago and have since gone diving in many different places. I hope to get dry suit certified and ice diving certified this year!

Contact: tkotchen@wisc.edu


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John Derr

Hey Divers! My name is John, and I am a sophomore studying Computer Science. I have been open water certified for 9 years! My favorite dive I've done was the USS Kittiwake in Grand Cayman. I'm looking forward to going on awesome dives this year!

Contact John at jderr2@wisc.edu!

Social Chair


Geri Ikelheimer

Hi there! I’m Geri and I’m a junior from Colorado majoring in Psychology. I’m the social chair of scuba club and this is my first year in the club! I got scuba certified 3 years ago and since then have dived in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Cenotes in Mexico. I’m currently working on getting my advanced open water diver certification and am super excited for the events we have planned this semester! If I’m not helping out with scuba club, you can find me working at Outdoor UW, singing karaoke, hanging out with my friends, or traveling!

Contact Geri at ikelheimer@wisc.edu!