We always have upcoming events! Even during the winter months, we have non-diving events like painting parties and socials! Below are some of the traditional events that we host every year:

Scuba Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving dive

Each year in late October we bundle up and dive into Lake Mendota to carve jack-o-lanterns!

Scuba Club

Holiday tree decorating

Around winter break we often get together to dive in a (heated) pool and decorate a tree underwater! It's a good way to let off some stress around Finals, or just a fun excuse to dive!

Scuba Diver Meets Fish

Fish feeding

Devil's Lake is famous for its curious and friendly fish, which will often swim right up to scuba divers in hopes of getting a morsel! If you turn over rocks on the bottom they will swoop in and nab the bugs that are exposed. Large fish will sometimes even eat crayfish that you catch!

Scuba Bonfire


We love to get together and cook smores, especially at Picnic Point to watch the sun set. We might even get in for a swim if it's warm enough!

Scuba Painting

Painting Parties

From time to time we'll gather in Union South in coordination with Wheelhouse Studios to put on a painting extravaganza. Come show off your skills, or try your hand at your best underwater scene!

Other Events

For information about other upcoming events, check out the calendar below!