What's the SCUBA Club all about?

We're a bunch of SCUBA diving enthusiasts living about as far from an ocean as we can get, but we don't mind! There's so much to see and do right here in Wisconsin. Our club does weekly dives to local lakes and rivers in the summer. Most are just for fun, but some are to help clean up our waterways as well. When we aren't diving, or when the ice is covering the lakes, we keep the fun going through on-land social gatherings like bonfires and painting parties.

In addition, we host classes for new and experienced divers to get SCUBA certifications. Look at our calendar for upcoming classes and events!

Do I need to be a student or Union member to join?

Our club is a student organization, but you don't have to be a student or UW affiliate to join us. We have plenty of members who are simply interested local Madison residents! If you are not an active student, you will be required to become a Union member before joining Hoofers - click here for more information!

Do I need to be SCUBA certified to join?

No! We can help you get certified. Check out our page on beginning lessons for more info! Even if you don't want to get certified, you are more than welcome to join us for any of our on-land socials!

How much does it cost to join?

Membership is $48 annually, which provides you with access to all of our gear, trip transportation, and plenty of diving buddies!

Do I need my own gear?

Nope! We have plenty of wetsuits, masks, fins, tanks, and BCDs for you to use.

Some gear, including tanks, may come with a cheap rental fee to support its maintenance and refills.

Where do you dive, and what's there to see?

There are tons of lakes in Wisconsin that have excellent diving attractions. Some of our favorite places to dive are in Lake Mendota, Devil's Lake, Pearl Lake, and parts of the Lake Michigan coast.

Each place we dive has its own unique attractions: Devil's Lake, for example, is famous for having large friendly bass which will swim right up to you and wait for you to turn over rocks so that they can eat the bugs underneath them!

Freshwater is especially great for wreck diving, because the lack of corrosive salts helps maintain the metal of sunken objects. Lake Mendota, Pearl Lake, and Lake Michigan all have wreck sites to visit.

For more information, contact us at vplocaltrips@hooferscuba.org!

I'm only really interested in getting SCUBA certified so that I can go diving in the tropics this winter. Is that OK?

Yes! We would love to see you stick around and swim with us, but we also have a fair number of new divers simply get certified through us so that they can go diving when they go elsewhere on vacation. There is no obligation to go on our local dives!

Does the club only do recreational dives?

Nope! In addition to our traditional sightseeing dives, we do a number of lake and river cleanup dives every year. We also have a couple of annual "fun dives" like underwater pumpkin carving and the scubalympics!

Does the club do things besides dives?

We do! Besides diving, we plan social events like bonfires, board game nights, painting events, and more. For more information, look at our event calendar or contact us at social@hooferscuba.org!

How can I get more involved?

We have a club executive board of student and non-student volunteers who meet regularly to discuss future dive trips, socials, and club management. If you would like to talk with us or are curious about joining our board, please contact scuba@hoofers.org for more information.