In-Kind Support

In 1931, Harold C. Bradley, Porter Butts, and a small group of students established the Wisconsin Hoofers. Nine decades later, as one of the largest and most active collegiate outdoor recreation programs in the country, Hoofers continues to offer outdoor recreation activities and bond new communities around the outdoors. Your generous in-kind support helps Hoofers to continue to learn, explore, and bond through recreation. In-kind support can be the donation of equipment (upon approval/acceptance of Wisconsin Hoofers), hospitality (offering housing for traveling Hoofers), use of property/equipment, services, and more.

Donors who support Hoofers with an in-kind gift of $500 or more (in value) will be inducted into the Harold C. Bradley Society. To learn more about giving levels, click HERE.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Gift In-Kind Procedure

Wisconsin Hoofers Equipment Donation Steps and Documentation

Got Old Gear?

If you have any old or unused gear which is still in good condition, consider giving it a second life with us! We would love to adopt any diving equipment and related items that you are willing to part with. No need to worry about having up to date safety checks- any gear we get we will take to a certified SCUBA inspector to make sure it's in safe working condition before it goes in the water. We are also happy to take equipment with minor repairs needed, like regulators with old gaskets or wetsuits with patchable rips.

Items in good condition that we would happily accept include but are not limited to:

Primary gear including BCDs, tanks, and whole or parts of regulators.

Secondary gear including masks, fins, wetsuits, weights, dive computers, and pressure gauges.

How to Donate

If you have SCUBA gear that you would like to donate, please contact David Sokol at

Thank you for your generous contribution!