In 1931, Harold C. Bradley, Porter Butts, and a small group of students established the Wisconsin Hoofers. Nine decades later, as one of the largest and most active collegiate outdoor recreation programs in the country, Hoofers continues to offer outdoor recreation activities and bond new communities around the outdoors. Your generous volunteerism (upon approval/acceptance by Hoofers) helps to enrich our community of outdoor enthusiasts. Hoofers membership and involvement is generally based around volunteerism, however there are other opportunities to volunteer/lead with Wisconsin Hoofers for those who are not active club members.

Looking to Volunteer?

We're always looking for divemasters to accompany us on weekend dives, and we often partner up with other dive groups and local groups to do lake and river clean-up dives. If you are interested in helping out, or if you'd like to help plan a clean-up dive, please contact us at either scuba@hoofers.org or vplocaltrips@hooferscuba.org!

If you are interested in helping on cleanup dives, watch our event calendar and facebook for upcoming events.

If you are interested in helping lead dives and have your Rescue Dive or Divemaster certification, please contact our club divemaster at divemaster@hooferscuba.org.

Scuba Trash Cleanup

SCUBA volunteers pull trash from the Yahara River on a cleanup dive.